Chamberlux AI




We work with building professionals like you.

GC’s, do you want to add AV and automation expertise to your existing team? We can help.

Architects, do you you have problems with unusual aesthetic requirements, hiding equipment, or making a statement with technology? Reach out to us.

Developers, would you like to meet the technological needs of future owners without installing costly equipment up front? We are masters of the "Smart Home Ready" build out, and can carry your new owners to the next phase after the sale. 

Realtors, do you you want to add a buying incentive to your properties? Talk to use about getting an upgrade package for the network, audio system, home theater, or lighting.

Our professional partnerships are built on experience, dependability and teamwork. We are small and agile and can augment your team with our technical expertise and extensive project management experience. Because we partner with General Contractors, Architects, and Developers... we understand how projects flow from various perspectives and cross pollinate our knowledge for your gain. We speak your language and work with your platforms and digital tools - whether it’s MS Project, AutoCAD, Visio etc. to make sure that our coordination is highly engaged and integrates natively with the systems you are already using.